Interior Design for Vintage Lovers

Interior design is a great way to showcase your love of all things vintage. Fabulous vintage finds are never in short supply when decorating your house. From furniture to kitchen gadgets, vintage decor is in high demand. Shabby chic furniture and design is a great direction to take if you’re looking to create a romantic, vintage atmosphere in your home.

Shabby chic design has a feminine edge and romantic flair. These pieces have light hues–think beachy colors, soft pinks, soft lavenders and blues, and whites. One important element of shabby chic is that many wooden pieces are distressed. Paint is artfully worn, showing natural wood underneath. In many cases, you can achieve the distressed look that embodies shabby chic style on your own through various techniques. This is one of the most alluring aspects of shabby chic–you can purchase ready-to-go shabby chic, or you can transform furniture from it’s original design into your own combination of pretty, functional, romantic home decor.

You can find shabby chic furniture in many places, and if you’re thinking about turning an ordinary table, hutch, or dresser into an original on your own, you’ll start seeing possibilities everywhere you look. Yard sales provide endless opportunities to find great home furniture that you can transform with a shabby chic design. Imagine stripping or painting the item yourself, any color you’d like, distressing the paint yourself and adding vintage details like knobs and handles. Swap meets are also a haven for shabby chic items that come perfectly distressed, and for items that have the potential to become a shabby chic classic. You can also visit second-hand stores and consignment shops, where furniture is waiting to be turned into a shabby chic masterpiece of your making. 
Turning an ordinary piece of furniture into a shabby chic masterpiece is simple and takes just a few basic tools such as paint and sandpaper. There’s an abundance of how-to websites and books that can instruct how to achieve the quintessential romantic feel of shabby chic. A coat of soft-hued paint and a little sanding around the edges will turn your armoire, kitchen table, or picture frame into a shabby chic design. If you’d rather skip the do-it-yourself, head out to your local shops, swaps, and yard sales to find your next shabby chic dream.